OLLA Rhapsody Violin Duo

The OLLA Rhapsody Violin Duo plays classical, popular, and folk music. As the versatile duo consists of Italian and Ukrainian musicians, their music and style show the rich Italian and Ukrainian heritage. In addition, their repertoire reflects a passion for traditional American music, as OLLA has been based in NY since 2019.
Ms. Olga Tymchenko and Ms. Laura Giannini met in 2015 at the Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra and, four years later, founded OLLA, which stands for OLga&LAura. Their cultural and violinistic backgrounds have led them to an almost instantaneous connection. OLLA’s repertoire ranges from standard classical to contemporary and cross-over, exploring pieces influenced by jazz. The duo is also committed to discovering and interpreting modern and less-known music, especially by composers from their countries of origin.
OLLA Rhapsody, in which Ms. Giannini and Ms. Tymchenko alternate on first and second violin, performed at various events and venues, including the Chashama Art Space in Chelsea, the Diamond Gala of A Free Bird Organization, and the Queens Central Library concert series “Enrich Your Life.” Recently, OLLA Rhapsody has been awarded the Chashama Artist Residency at the Port Authority Performance Space in NYC, where they performed weekly.
The duo can be heard in music recordings by Italian and American composers on all streaming platforms.